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Best AP automation Services

Our Accounts Payable Solution provider has been in business over 30 years and 10 years ago was at the cutting edge of virtual cards. They are superiorly positioned to guide clients in the automation of all their payments through their proprietary platform and convert more than 30% of payables to virtual cards-setting the pace for the industry!

How We Evolve Your Company:

  • B2B Payments Network
  • Virtual Cards
  • ACH (where Virtual Cards aren’t accepted)
  • Ghost Cards
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Check



Our AP Solution convert on average more than 30% of payables to virtual cards – the best in the industry.

Company Benefit

Adams & Fogg Oil Equipment Company

Cut AP processing time by one third

Air Culinaire Worldwide

Eliminated recurring credit card fraud and increased staff productivity

Brand Muscle

Eliminated manual payment processing

BFC Solutions

Simplified their travel program

I literally am at my dad’s house in Naples authorizing payments to my 85 contractors on my phone. On top of that I get a rebate! I love this service. Wish I would have converted years ago.

— Home builder, Cincinnati

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Our intelligent technology and adaptable workflows ensure every payment is automated and every policy is followed reducing the workload of your AP department.


Consumer Packaged Goods



High Tech




Private Equity




Our streamlined process is pain-free & simple. From start to finish, you’ll be asking yourself “Why didn’t I do this before!”



Quick and seamless integration with our platform & your ERP



With a quick digital handshake, we enroll your suppliers & level up your system.



We tailor the process to match your workflow & meet your biggest needs. 


Send Payments

You pay when & how you want – Without thinking, processing, or legwork.


Common Questions

Will this work with my current ERP system?

Our AP Solution integrates with over 400 accounting systems partners with many of the top ERPs in the industry.

We process a high volume of B2B payments-can you help us?

Yes! Our proprietary solution was built with you in mind.

You can embed the platform within your application/system to issue digital payments including virtual cards, ACH, and other forms of payment.

What about compliance requirements?

No problem! Our platform is tested to fight fraud, reduce risk and obey compliance requirements.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

Simply reach out to us via phone, email, or scrolling down and filling out the contact form!

Can I maintain the same controls/visibility as my current payments process?

Yes, our AP Solution can reproduce your existing workflows and approval processes and increase visibility across your multiple payment types.

What exactly is a virtual card payment?

A Virtual Card payment is a single-use electronic payment method which gives you better security and control within your payments ecosystem and provides you a cash back incentive.

But, will my suppliers accept virtual card payments?

Our AP solutions provider has one of the most powerful and intricate supplier databases with Mastercard and Visa.

Our solution provider confirms if your suppliers already accept card payments and will contact them to illustrate the benefits of converting from check payments to cards. 

Are these electronic secure?

We strictly follow security standards by submitting any non-public, sensitive information via encrypted channels.

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