Healthcare Risk, Cost, & Liability Reduction

Shift the Burden

With financial hedging that transfers liability

What would you say if you could reduce your risk on a family of four from $1M to a MAXIMUM of $17,400? By paying the smaller expenses AND shifting the liability to other companies – your getting a bargain on providing healthcare to your employees. Lower rates, lower premiums, and lower total employees on your healthcare plan.

ZERO Upfront Cost


Works with ANY PLAN

No Claims Data Needed

Reduce Overall Cost

Reduce Employees on Your Plan

Healthcare Spousal Hedging Strategies


You Save & They Benefit

By shifting the liability & claims – you only have to cover out-of-pocket expenses and copay. This means your employees are receiving healthcare FOR FREE while simultaneously reducing your overall healthcare cost & premiums. Benefits to employees include:

  • 100% coverage
  • Employer covers out-of-pocket expenses and copay
  • $0 out of pocket
  • More take-home pay

The single biggest issue in health care for most Americans is that their health costs are growing much faster than their wages are. Costs are prohibitive when workers making $25,000 a year have to shell out $7,000 a year just for their share of family premiums.

— Drew Altman, President & CEO Kaiser Family Foundation

Healthcare Hedging for Large Companies



Employees working for a company have, say spouses, working elsewhere that have healthcare coverage or healthcare is being offered. Our expense reduction strategy is moving the employees off their plan and onto the spousal plan.

This scenario creates a win-win for employers and employees. The company of the employee that is moving to the other plan will pay all out-of-pocket expenses, copays, deductibles, etc. The employee then pays zero for their healthcare when he goes to the spousal plan. This greatly reduces the company’s healthcare because they’re not paying the premium for that employee.

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