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Medical Providers in the US lose over $125 Billion a year due to underpaid and wrongly denied insurance claims.

Recover Your Medical Underpayments now…

every day you wait can cost you thousands

Identifies and recovers underpayments

Manages denials, overpayment fines, and responses

Automates appeals and requests

Is a contract modeler in negotiating more favorable contracts

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Do you have a method to know you are receiving 100% of your payments from the insurance company? 100% of the time we find underpayments –  Our Underpayment System Analysis Audit is a proprietary technology system that identifies and recovers underpayments, manages denials and overpayment fines and responses, automates appeals and requests, and is a contract modeler essential in negotiating more favorable contracts. How We Recover Your Medical Underpayments:

  • Software Identifies It
  • The Insurer Admits It
  • A Precedent Is Set
  • Insurer acknowledges their culpability at the settlement table
  • You decide if you want to settle or not



In most cases, we deliver double the industry standard in data and payments

Company Benefit

Small Community Hospital

in Texas

We found and collected $4,048,555.44 in underpaid claims for BCBS alone

Large Private Hospital in PA

We identified and collected on their 4th largest payer- Aetna, over $1.2 million which represented 18% of their collections for that payer

Large Hospital Group in Ohio

We identified over $7 million in BCBS professional billing underpayments

Hospital in St. Louis

We were able to collect over $329,000 within 60 days
“Patients and physicians have a right to expect health insurers to uphold their promise to provide fair and accurate payment for medical services. But alleged misconduct by Cigna has allowed the insurer’s economic self-interest to be prioritized ahead of their promises to physicians in the MultiPlan Network and their patients,”
— AMA President Jack Resneck Jr., MD
Urgent Care Clinic


We see an average 10 – 20% in revenue recapture through our payor underpayment recoveries   Proprietary, custom software and team of experts review every item within a claim,   working in cooperation with your billing department or company    

Surgical Centers

Urgent Care Facilities


Primary Care


How it Works

It’s simple to get started collecting your underpayments! 


Upload Your Documents

Our audit requires minimal time from you (minutes, not hours) with no up-front cost!



Will automatically review every payment received over the past 2 years to verify that they were paid in full according to the payer agreements.  



Our team of experienced contract specialists will analyze, load, and verify all contract details have been entered correctly into the platform.



Any claim setup issues, breakdown of underpayments, group underpayments by collectability. Goal: initiate collections within 10 days of receiving all relevant information.


Common Questions

How much is this going to cost?
There are $0 up front fees! ADHC shoulders all the cost and risk including the contract load fees, the appeals processes, audit and training, which we apply to our recovery fee which is paid for by a percentage of the recovered underpayments from the initial audit of past claims.
How long will you take to complete our analysis audit?
The minimum facility time is 30 minutes or less for uploading the 835 billing records into our HIPAA compliant proprietary platform. After we receive the data files and contracts, we usually take around 14 days to finish the analysis and begin the appeals process.
How much do you expect to recover from our past underpayments?
In the past, the Underpayment System uncovered 5 to 30% incorrectly paid commercial payments on every analysis. Most contracts let providers appeal claims for up to 12 months from the last insurer response. But after 12 months they expire, and then you can never collect. But our system even collects underpayments owed on zero balance accounts! Even those dollars underpaid after EMR/EHR and billing systems have fully processed those claims as “PAID IN FULL”!
This sounds great! How do I get started?
Simply reach out to us via phone, email, or scrolling down and filling out the contact form!
Where do underpayments go after you recover them?
All of the underpayments get paid directly to you by the payers. ADHC then bills you a percentage of those recovered underpayments once you’ve been paid.
How do you know how much we will get paid?
Every case is unique. We deliver industry-leading results and add value with our analytic and support data. Typically, we provide double the industry standard in payments and data.

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