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Cut Your Fees

Without Switching Merchants

Rate Transparency

We provide insight into hidden fees and overcharges.

Rate Reduction

We secure the lowest possible rates with your current processor.

Rate Protection

We provide ongoing monitoring to protect against rate increases

No Risk

No risk or effort on your part – we do all the work. 

We only get paid after you save 2

With over 20 years of industry experience, proprietary auditing software, and benchmarking data, we know the intricacies of the payments industry. We deliver optimized payment processing rates from your existing payment processor and protect against future rate increases. 

Our Service:

We analyze your merchant processing statements to find ways to reduce your credit card processing fees without changing payment processors!

  • Manages the complex payment processing rates on your behalf.
  • Secures the lowest possible payment processing rates available with your current payment processor.
  • Uses proprietary software, benchmarking data, and industry expertise.
  • Delivers measurable savings to your organization without switching payment processors and without any effort on your part.
  • Optimizes your credit card processing rates and protects against increases.


Best Merchant Fees 2


We work with All Industries

Merchant fee cost savings and reductions can be realized in nearly any industry with digital payment processing. See some real examples below of savings & reductions:

Company Benefit


  • $3.5M Card Volume – $30K Savings
  • 29% Reduction in Fees


  • $700M Card Volume – $30K Savings
  • 29% Reduction in Fees

Online Retailer

  • $1.75M Card Volume – $19K Savings
  • 31% Reduction in Fees

Medical Office

  • $1.1M Card Volume – $10K Savings
  • 23% Reduction in Fees

The … process was smooth and straightforward. Thanks to the expertise of the … team, after their thorough evaluation of our account, we were able to realize significant savings on our annual credit card processing fees.

Stephanie G • Executive Director

We Know Business - Best Auditing Services

Nothing to lose

Zero Risk

Our offering has zero upfront cost to you & we only get paid by the savings we generate for you. Technically, making our service completely free!


No charge for our analysis


No obligation to enroll in our service


You don’t have to switch your processor


We don’t change your operations


No card processing changes


No fees to pay upfront!



Our streamlined process is pain-free & simple. From start to finish, you’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I do this before?”



Using proprietary software, our Analysis audits your merchant account statement against thousands of interchange and assessment fees to uncover overbilling and hidden charges. Your statement data is analyzed and benchmarked against optimal pricing available with your current payment processor, providing a clear view of potential program savings.



After we determine your annual savings and you enroll in our program to capture your savings – we will optimize your rates with your current payment processor, and ensure your merchant account is configured correctly to take advantage of the lowest processing rates.



After your payment processing rates are optimized, we protect them against future rate increases. The Program will review your monthly merchant processing statement to determine your program savings for the processing period and monitor your processing rates to guard against negative changes


Common Questions

This sounds great, but will I have to change my payment processor?

No. You can keep your current payment processor and still save money!

Will my business have to change our payment operations?

No. Our process works with your current payment system.

Won’t the processor just increase our rates later on?

We provide ongoing monitoring to protect against rate increases.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

Simply reach out to us via phone, email, or scrolling down and filling out the contact form!

How do you get us lower payment processing rates?

Our 3-step process (Analyze, Optimize, Protect) uses proprietary software, benchmarking data, and industry expertise to deliver savings to you.

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