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We help companies identify and remedy wasted spend on utilities including telecommunications, electric programs, water and sewer, gas, and more. Over 90% of our clients receive substantial cost savings on one or more their utlitly bills. After a free and pain-free audit, you’ll know if we’re a good fit to help your company save!

We typically find & alleviate:

  • Billing errors
  • Estimated & inaccurate meter readings 
  • Tariffs
  • Usage data & inconsistencies
  • Contract revisions 
  • Many other obscure discrepancies


Results You Can Trust

We’ve saved millions of dollars – from simply fixing your utility bills! With progress like that, it’s a no-brainer to let us help.

Company Cost Savings

Ford Field/The Detroit Lions


Eastern Michigan University

$350,000 annually

The Hylant Group


Markwood Manor


McLaren Healthcare

$250,000 annually

Chesapeake Spice


Shape Corporation


Delta Dental

We Know Business - Best Auditing Services


We Know Business

We cover the gamut of utilites. After years of research, data analysis, and auditing, we provide the most comprehenisve approach to understanding your monthly cost – Indentifying savings, refunds, and discrpencies instantly.


Shape Corporation, Chassix, Shoreline Fruit, River Rouge Schools and a lot more profited from a decrease in expenses of their most important utility – power. 

Natural Gas

Petrol is likewise a tremendous weight on organizations. Portage Field, Greektown Casinos, Munters, Hausbeck Pickle Co are among a couple who’ve saved with us.

Water & Sewer

We helped businesses like Perry Hotel, Medical Care, Potterville Public Schools, and Perry Hotel save on their water & sewer bills after a quick and simple analysis.


While communications cost are diverse & complex, Heartwood advisors is able to cut through the red tape and deliver efficient and demonstrable telecom savings.

Trash Removal

While trash removal service may seems like a trivial recurring exspence, we saved a fortune for companies like Lowry Solutions, Chesapeake Spice, Oak Ridge Market, and more!


With a ride array of cost savings experience, we have experts specilized in nearly every industry and aspect of utility management and auditing. There is no company we can’t help!


Common Questions

Will I have to change my service provider?

No! You keep your service provider if you want to.

Will we have to use less to save?

No! You can keep your same level of usage. We reduce your costs, not your consumption.

How much does it cost to use your service?

We only get paid when your savings are activated. It’s Zero-Risk to you: there are no up-front costs to find your savings!

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business over 16 years with over 60 years of combined experience auditing telecom and utilities, and have over 2,000 happy clients with combined savings of $100 Million!

How do I get started?

Just scroll down & fill out the form or give us a call. It is that simple!

What is the expected timeframe for my business to transition?

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