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Our Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Audit Service can discover thousands of dollars in potential refunds at NO COST to you! After our analysis, we provide you with a written report that documents overcharges and includes the supporting documentation to recover the overcharges. We even help you collect your workers’ compensation refunds! We review every facet of your workers’ comp premiums including payroll audits, rates, applicable discounts, experience ratings (ex-mods), and classifications.

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Workers comp Audit Refunds

We don’t get paid unless you Save!

We work on a contingency fee basis, and receive a portion of the refunds and credits that we obtain for our clients. This means there’s no charge for our work unless, and until, we actually obtain a refund for you. If there is no refund, there is no charge. We receive 50% of the refunds, which is the found money, and you keep 100% of all future savings.

Benefits of our Service:

  • Recovering overcharges that have unknowingly been overpaid.
  • Ensure that you are not overpaying and that the insurance carriers are applying every cost reduction method
  • No cost to you! Either you receive a refund or peace of mind.
  • Expert knowledge of the worker’s compensation system with you.
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What you Can Expect

We help companies identify and recover premium overcharges on their workers comp policies. We typically reduce future premiums by 10%.

Our Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Audit Service has recovered more than $27 Million in worker’s compensation premium overpayments for their clients and also saved companies another $5 Million on their future workers’ compensation premiums.

Our review encompasses over 40 overcharge areas for each policy, including experience ratings, classifications, and payroll audits. We also uncover technical issues that are increasing your premiums.

Now that your review is complete, I wanted to let you know how satisfied we at Keller Crescent are with the services you provided to our company. Undoubtedly, your expertise and knowledge of the NCCI and workers’ compensation premium rules and regulations were the only reason for the refund of almost $50,000 from our insurance carrier.

— Keller Crescent, Healthcare Printed Packaging Services

Workers Compensation Audit

Reveal Your Overcharges

You’re Probably Overpaying

After a quick initial audit, we can identify overcharges in a variety of areas in order to give you the maximum refund possible & save a ton of future payments. Many of the companies we’ve worked with made simple errors that led to tens of thousands of dollars in cost.

Classification Error

After discovering a California nonprofit’s operations had been improperly classified for years, we obtained refunds of over $220,000 for the national wholesaler after the rating bureau verified our findings.

Payroll Error

A New York manufacturer was audited, and they were harassed by a collection agency for additional premiums. We discovered & corrected the payroll error and instead of them owing their insurance carrier $13,000, our client got a refund for total savings of $39,000!


Overstated Payroll Error

A physical audit for a Florida casino/racetrack indicated an additional premium due. We advised our client to ask for a revised audit to accurately reflect the payroll exclusion. As a result, the insurance carrier refunded about $45,000 in return premium.

Experience Rating Error

A Georgia trucking company’s insurer became insolvent, they didn’t give NCCI their client’s payroll and loss data. We got involved and as a result, their experience rating was reduced by 10% per year, and a refund of $42,000 was issued to our client!

Estimated Audit

A Colorado contractor had a waived audit instead of a physical audit which resulted in their carrier billing them based on the estimated payroll provided. After we reviewed their payroll, their insurance carrier processed a revised audit to accurately reflect their actual payroll and returned our client a $34,000 refund.


Common Questions

I don’t think I have time for this. How long will the audit take?

The audit is conducted at our office, and as soon as we get the info from the files you provide, we prepare letters to your agent/insurance company requesting copies of missing information

My agent already does that for us-why do I need your service?

We are laser-focused on workers compensation. Your agent doesn’t have the time to verify everything about your premium calculations and doesn’t get copies of your experience rating worksheets or auditor worksheets- so he can’t review their accuracy and ensure you were charged the correct premiums!

My insurance company just did an audit. Why should I do it again?

When an insurance company auditor performs the annual audit, they are only tasked with adjusting your company’s estimated payroll to your actual payroll. The auditor will NOT look for overcharges!

I’m worried our confidential information will be compromised. Who sees our information?

Your privacy is paramount. Our Agreement contains a confidentiality clause and we are happy to sign a separate eNon Disclosure Agreement for your peace of mind. Your only contacts are with our Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Audit Service and your Blue Coast Savings Advisor.

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